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Sustainability and Permaculture


Agroforestry Networks in the Jequitinhonha Region

The result of a partnership between the Ayrumã Association and the Ecovida São Miguel Permaculture Institute, with sponsorship from the Bem Maior Movement, the project has brought inputs and training for the implementation of agroforestry systems to family farming collectives in the region of Capivari, in Serro, Minas Gerais.

The project is also supported by the Community Associations Pró-Melhoramento do Capivari, Serra da Bicha e region, Quilombola de Capivari and the Pico do Itambé State Park, State Forestry Institute (IEF), and the Center for Alternative Agriculture Vicente Nica.

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Social Technology

Holding a popular course at Ecovila Ayrumã, in Capivari, to learn the technique of building a plastiferrocement cistern, a low-cost and easily replicated technology for water storage.



A bamboo yurt construction course at Ecovila Ayrumã, a light, mobile, large and easy to build structure. Yurts are widely used in ecovillages because they are versatile, adapting to the most diverse uses.

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Gaia Education

As part of the ecovillage design training course, we hosted a class of Gaia Education students at Ecovila Ayrumã for an immersion in the ecovillage's formative process. During the experience we gave workshops on agroforestry systems and appropriate technologies open to the public.

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