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Education and Culture

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Always Alive School



Literacy project for young people and adults in Serra da Bicha and Capivari, Serro/MG.


Help make the right to education possible!

*Ayrumã is not a regular educational institution. We only voluntarily support this regional initiative.

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Environmental education

Environmental education actions carried out during the project Agroforestry Network in the Jequitinhonha region, with intervention in the Capivari Municipal School, where an average of 50 children participated.


Online Education

The Ayrumã Association produced several videos focused on environmental education, with a focus on preparing the land for planting, composting and urban planting. In addition to the audiovisual materials, the Association also produced lives, some of them during the 20th Milho Verde Festival (MG), inviting partners, bringing knowledge and discussions about the local context where Ayrumã is located.


December Solidarity

Festival in Capivari, with free art and environmental education workshops, audiovisual shows and performances. The festival is part of the campaign to raise funds for the construction of an annex to the community center of Capivari where cultural activities will be possible.


Kings' Folia

Aiming to support the rescue of traditional cultural practices, which strengthen the identity and social empowerment of communities, the Ayrumã Association offered support to the group that practice Folia de Reis in Milho Verde - Companhia Louvação do Menino Jesus, to bring to Capivari this typical manifestation of  Minas Gerais culture. With the support of the Ayrumã Association, the municipal government of Serro, and the Community Association Pró-Melhoramentos de Capivari, we were able to organize the logistics for the cultural group to reach the community, joining the local partygoers.


Thereza's table

Socio-cultural action developed by artist Thereza Portes, with the goal of interweaving dialogue among participants from stories and embroidery by local residents on a long tablecloth. The tablecloth, in turn, covered a table full of coffee, corn bread, cookies, other delicacies, many threads and colors. The thread unfolded with life stories, embroidery, and gastronomic delights. A beautiful event that sought to value the memory and cultural identity and to preserve the intangible heritage of the region.


Capivari caravan

Initiative of the Organization Nossa Cidade, and its realization together with Ateliê Tietê and the Idealistas movement and support from the Capivari Association, Escola Municipal Dário Lins, and the Ayrumã Association.

After mobilizing the community through theater presentations, clowning and games with the group Ateliê Tietê, members of the Nossa Cidade played cooperative games with the residents, aiming at raising and stimulating the elaboration of creative solutions for local demands.

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