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      Ayrumã Association is a non-profit civil society organization, founded in 2013, which seeks to foster the conservation of biodiversity through healthy human relationships, based on cooperation, solidarity and Nature integration. Three pillars direct and inspire our actions: (i) Biodiversity and Conservation; (ii) Education and Culture; and (iii) Sustainability and Permaculture.

     Formed by 42 members, it has professionals from various fields: biologists, architects, engineers, lawyers, economists, cultural producers, photographers, therapists, communicators, designers, artists, musicians, craftsmen, educators, permaculturists, bioconstructors, among others.

     This plurality of experiences and activities enables the execution of transdisciplinary projects and actions. Ayrumã carries out numerous activities focused on the valorization and rescue of socio-cultural traditions, environmental research and education, sustainability, and agroecology. Our commitment to biodiversity conservation mobilizes us in the search for more integrated and non-aggressive ways of using, respecting, and learning from the land.

      In order to strengthen a broad support network, Ayrumã has been articulating joint actions among community associations, schools and universities, third sector entities, and public administration. In recognition of this strong dialogue and communication capacity, Ayrumã was elected a member representing environmental entities in the Advisory Council of the Águas Vertentes EPA, the conservation unit where the Association is located.

      The word Ayrumã refers to the morning star, in Guarani indigenous language, the morning star that guides us towards ensuring the well-being of all forms of life and their future generations.


Associação Comunitária Serra da Bicha e
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